Apple Blossom Festival Planning Documentary for 100th Anniversary

The following is a release from the Apple Blossom Festival:

In partnership with local filmmakers, North 40, Apple Blossom has begun preliminary work to produce a feature documentary film for the 2019 Festival.

The film will pay tribute to the people who started the festival and all those who have been involved in the last hundred years. It will also be a unique opportunity to reflect upon the history of the Wenatchee Valley and how it has also evolved over the course of a century. There are countless stories to be told and the festival has had a significant impact on many people’s lives. We believe a documentary film is the best medium to share those stories and record the history of the festival in a meaningful way.

Filming would begin as early as January, documenting the journey of the Top Ten, the Royal Court, and the events 2018 Apple Blossom Festival. The first step, however, is to measure the interest of the community for a documentary of this nature. We only want to produce this film if there is an engaged audience for it, therefore, we want to ask the question: “Would you want to watch this documentary?”

Before filming begins, the Apple Blossom Festival and North 40 are collecting a list of names of people who would commit to attending the premiere or purchasing a copy of the finished film.

Our goal is to collect at least 1,000 names of people who are interested in this project. If we reach or exceed that goal, we will move forward with capturing this moment in history.

To join the list of people eager to see this documentary, visit our website at



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