De-Icer Clean Roads, but Hurt Cars

Our wild winter meant road crews were often on the roadways trying to clear off snow and laying down de-icer, and that could mean damage to your car.

Jennifer Cook with AAA says de-icer causes $3 billion in damage every year.

“In addition to rust damage, it can actually deteriorate your brake lines, your exhaust system, your fuel tank, and get into the electrical system as well.”

Cook says there are a few signs to look out for.

“If you’re feeling anything different about your car; maybe your braking is more spongy in nature, or you hear loud exhaust noise, you smell fumes inside your car or when you’ve had your car parked for awhile you smell gas when you approach the vehicle. Those can all be warning signs that something’s wrong.”

In that case, Cook says it’s important to get your car into a certified repair shop as quickly as possible. It’s also important to clean your car frequently with car wash soap or take it to a professional car wash with an undercarriage cleaner.

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