Documentary Looking at Screen Time Coming to Wenatchee

How much screen time is too much for your kids and how do you have a constructive conversation on setting limits? Washington Elementary PTSA is hosting a fundraiser showing the documentary “Screenagers” which looks at those very questions. Parent Rick Ray says the film looks at many different points of view.

“What is appropriate screen time at school and what is appropriate screen time for teenagers at home through the eyes of teenagers, through the eyes of parents and through the eyes of doctors and experts.”

Studies show that too much time on cell phones, tablets, video games and other electronics can hamper children’s development. PTSA parent Jackie Endsley says they will be using the film as a fundraiser, but also a starting point for conversations.

“I think it will really teach people a little bit more about how tech time can effect kids’ development and there’s a lot of professionals talking about that in the film and then it comes up with some solutions on how to talk to your kids about it. How to come up with a plan for screen time use.”

The film will also feature Spanish subtitles. The event is Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30 at the Numerica Performing Arts Center and tickets are available with a suggested donation of $10 either at the door, or

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