ID Theft ring yields 5 arrests, suspects from California

A total of 5 people from California are jailed for identity theft and related charges after the investigation of a fraud and theft ring yielded three additional arrests last week according to a report in the Wenatchee World.

The suspected fraud ring is accused of stealing mail, creating false credit card accounts and possessing stolen property. There could be about 120 victims in the Wenatchee area..

The theft ring came to the attention of authorities last month when the first suspect was arrested August 20th after trying to return stolen goods at Wenatchee Valley Mall.  The 21-year old Bakerfield, CA woman was also driving a vehicle reported stolen in California.  That led Wenatchee Police to arrest her boyfriend in a motel the next day where they found stolen mail, credit and debit cards and checks belonging to Wenatchee residents.

Three more arrests were made September 3rd and 5th when investigators found public benefits and bank cards made out to a woman who was in the Wenatchee motel room when the stolen checks and credit cards were discovered in August.  Police also connected stolen documents to another man and woman.

The five suspects are currently jailed in Okanogan or Chelan County

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