Lind-Warden Road Washed Out Near Roxboro

An eight-mile stretch of Lind-Warden Rd is closed near Roxboro after a road was washed away.

Adams County Engineer Scott Yaeger says there’s a drainage pipe that goes under the roadway that got blocked up.

“The water did not run through the culvert because it was plugged. It actually built up enough hydraulic pressure to find the weakest point in that roadway fill and started running through the fill itself.”

A truck was on the roadway when it happened and went down into the runoff. The driver was able to quickly get out of his vehicle and stop other vehicles from the same fate.

Now Adams County Engineer Scott Yaeger says they have to get to work on fixing the road.

“Make sure that I’ve got the correct size culvert or whatever structure I need in there. I’m doing that first, getting the availability and cost on that and then establish a plan to bring in materials to fill that road back in.”

Yaeger says their goal is to restore the roadway in the next 3-4 weeks, but snow melt could delay that timeline.

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