LINK’s Future is up to you

Link Transit began operations in December, 1991  The population in Link’s service area has grown roughly 30% since then, according to General Manager Richard DeRock and growth is projected to increase more than 30% in the next 25 years.

DeRock says the public transit system wants to hear what the public would prioritize over the next two decades through a survey that will be mailed to every household in the LInk service area this week.

A survey from last fall is the basis for the new questionnaire that presents many options like more routes, service for 2nd and 3rd shifts or a focus on alleviating traffic congestion.  The survey also asks if residents are willing to support local sales tax increases to pay for it. General Manager Richard DeRock says the average resident pays about $80 per year in local taxes to support Link.

The survey arrives by mail this week and an online version goes live Thursday at

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