Mayor Reacts to Annexation Vote Results

Voters in two areas are rejecting the annexation vote to join the City of Wenatchee. Mayor Frank Kuntz is disappointed by the results.

“We’re all trying to provide services. The county is trying to plow roads. The city is trying to plow roads. The county is trying to maintain pavement. The city is trying to maintain pavement. We’re trying to take care of the environment by being able to provide sewer, which is obviously better for the environment that septic tanks and end up in the ground water, in the Wenatchee River and in the Columbia River. We’re just trying to do what we think is right and obviously there are folks that don’t agree with that.”

However Mayor Kuntz says the outcome does save money for City sewer extensions on School and Easy Streets and long term city wide street improvements. The outcome also clarifies the layout for voting districts under consideration later this year.

Votes in the Walnut McKittrick and Maple Street Islands were more than 80% against annexation as of Tuesday night’s results.

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