NCEF Awards 93 Grants to North Central Washington Teachers

From a press release: The North Central Education Foundation was thrilled to increase the number of teacher classroom grants that were awarded at the 2017 Teacher Classroom Grant Award reception held at Confluence Technology Center in Wenatchee.  During this eighth year of teacher grant awards, 93 teachers from four counties were presented with grant awards in the categories of literacy, STEM, STEAM, Music/Fine Arts, College Preparation and Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Foothills.

Larry MacGuffie, North Central ESD Board Vice-Chair, served as MC for the award presentation and awards were presented by President Ray Allen, along with Board members Bill Baldwin, Joe St. Jean, P.J. DeBenedetti, and Rufus Woods.  This year, for the first time, Okanogan County teachers were honored at a remote location via Zoom videoconference, hosted by Foundation Board member Kerrie Combs.  Guest speaker, Regional Teacher of the Year Jon Magnus, shared inspirational words of hope with the attendees.  Teacher Classroom Grant sponsors Kyla Allen from North Cascades Bank; Erika Orsulak from the Community Foundation of NCW; and Rufus Woods from the Wenatchee World shared their enthusiasm for supporting the Teacher Classroom Grants.

The Foundation is working to make a difference in the future of the children in the North Central ESD region by providing teachers with opportunities to enrich their classroom environments.  This is due to the generosity of the North Cascades Bank, Woods Family Music & Arts Fund, Olive Garden/Darden Restaurants, Community Foundation of NCW, Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, LASER Science/Pacific Science Center, Clear Risk Solutions, PlanMember Services, and generous board members, ESD staff and community members who also donated to the fund.

North Central ESD Superintendent Michelle Price commented, “It has been inspirational to see the Foundation grow, in just eight short years, from giving out eight teacher grants in our region to giving out 93 grants, including 15 grants adopted by businesses or individuals.  We are fortunate to have generous new corporate sponsors with a heart for education and dedicated Foundation Board members who are passionate about the work of the Foundation.”

Teachers receiving the 2017 North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grants include:


Linda Cashman, Palisades                                      Joe Ells, Wenatchee

Jana Ewing, Bridgeport                                                             Marie Goulet, Mansfield

Kathy Kemp, Lake Chelan                                       Sue Poppe, Brewster

Taylor Sweigard, Mountain Sprouts, Cascade  Caitlin Walters, Eastmont

Scarlet Wilson, Soap Lake                                       Joan Campbell, Cashmere

Karen Haase, Cascade                                                               Tawnya Halliday, Quincy

Tina Nicpan-Brown, Wenatchee                                           Jody Terris, Tonasket

Caitlin Walters, Eastmont


Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Foothills

Nika Childers, Wenatchee                                                            Robert Garretson, Wenatchee

Tina Nicpan-Brown, Wenatchee                                 Jodee Smith, Wenatchee

Graham Stansberry, Wenatchee                                  Roxana Vanatta, Wenatchee

Renee Wilkens, Wenatchee                                          Deanna Porter, Eastmont

College Preparation (funded by Olive Garden/Darden Restaurants)

Betty Palmer, Wenatchee Valley Tech Center   Joyce Block, Wenatchee

Andrea Brixey, Cascade          


Sheena Moore, Moses Lake                                    Joan Campbell, Cashmere

Heidi Hartnell, Cashmere                                        Ann Snyder, Cashmere

Kathy Addlemar, Eastmont                                     Misty Krohn, Grand Coulee Dam

Shamra Steffler, Grand Coulee Dam                   Jessica Tufts, Grand Coulee Dam

Lisa Guzman, Nespelem                                           Toby Johnson, Wenatchee

Jeff Williams, Wenatchee                                        Rebecca Swanson/Linda Hightower, Cashmere

Denise Hack, Omak

Music/Fine Arts (funded by Woods House/Family Fund)

Angie McGinnis, Eastmont Elementary Schools             Lisa Krause, Sterling Middle School

Matthew Smeller, Eastmont                                    Linda Rise, Nespelem

Lori Pruss, Quincy                                                      Ciara Shuttleworth, Soap Lake

Gail Morris, Tonasket                                                               Tina Nicpan-Brown, Wenatchee

Rachael Simmons, Wenatchee                                               Trevor Sill, Quincy

Audrey White, Moses Lake                                     Anna Rawson, Okanogan

Tyler Sant, Tonasket                                                  Adele Caemmerer, Wenatchee

Jodee Smith, Wenatchee                                          Heidi Flake, Cascade

Matilde Vivanco, Wenatchee



Cynthia Swan, Moses Lake                                      Kelsie Fowkes, Moses Lake

Kayla Helleson, Manson



Becky Buckingham, Bridgeport                                  Taylor Sweigard, Mountain Sprouts, Cascade

Linda Hightower/Rebecca Swanson, Cashmere                      Caitlin Walters, Eastmont

Don Carroll, Eastmont                                                  Dana Cada, Entiat

Leslie Pugh, Quincy                                                       Sharon Scellick, Ephrata

Jennifer Polley, Lake Chelan                                       Evan Reister, Lake Chelan

Jessica Bowman, Mansfield                                         Erik Helleson, Manson

Carina Velazquez-Cruz, Moses Lake                                           Brenda Welch, Moses Lake

Pam Haley, Pateros                                                       Leticia Baughman, Quincy

Lizabeth Fowler, Quincy                                                              Debbie Koehnen, Quincy

Michael Werner, Quincy                                                              Sara Hausken, Quincy

Matthew Brewer, Soap Lake                                        Rachel Baldwin, Warden

Katelynn Goddard, Warden                                         Marisa Leavitt, Warden

Kris Daratha, Waterville                                                               Jake Bullis, Wenatchee

Terry Gillespie, Wenatchee                                          Aaron Hansen, Wenatchee

Caroline Lake, Wenatchee                                                           Michael Lasater, Wenatchee

Lynette Smith, Wenatchee                                                           Tracy Walsh, Wenatchee

Ashley-Jo Armstrong, Eastmont                                 Mark Wavra, Eastmont

Jana Sutton, Wenatchee                                                    Karen Haase, Cascade

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