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RV Fires "Total Loss" on Chelan's Lakeshore Road.

" A complete loss" is how Chelan Fire and Rescue describes a Thanksgiving Morning fire that destroyed 2 R-V's in the 11-thousand block of Lakeshore Road.
Chelan's Captain Pat Moore tells News Radio 560 KPQ the owner of one of the RV"s was trapped inside and used a back window to escape.  The occupant was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.  Moore says it's believed a wood stove the man installed in the RV was the cause of the fire.  Moore says the fire victim appears to have had no insurance, and both RV's on the property are deemed a total loss. 
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No Dogs Left Behind!

A bipartisan measure passage in Washington D C means war dogs will now be able to come home with their handlers - not left behind in war zones to fend for themselves.
The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by President Obama mandates war dogs be returned to American soil on retirement, and that military handlers have the first option to adopt them. 
It's estimated each military dog saves the lives of up to 2-hundred servicemen and women, by detecting I E D's and hidden weapon caches.  Before this, military dogs were declared civilians on retirement and often left overseas, deemed "illegal" to get aboard a military plane with handlers to come home. 
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New Wolf Pack in Washington's Okanogan

A new gray wolf pack in Washington's Okanogan - near the communities of Twisp and Omak - makes for 17 Washington wolf packs now confirmed by the feds.  Rancher in that area and State House of Representative for District 7; Joel Kretz .....says state response is slow and by nature, often incomplete for ranchers who have suffered animal losses from wolves. 
The Okanogan is where most of Washington's gray wolf packs live - same area important to agricultural ranching.  Gray wolves remain federally protected west of highway 97; Washington lists them statewide..
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Quincy Crash State Road 28

4 people have been taken by ambulance to Quincy Hospital for evaluation after a car crash on State Road 28 near Quincy.  
State Trooper Darren Wright indicates the driver of the car entering S-R-28 will face charges of failure to yield, lack of a license and lack of insurance.
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Missing Hunter's Body Found in Grant County

The search for a missing North Bend bow hunter in Grant County ended today with the discovery of his body. Sheriff's Department spokesman, Kyle Foreman says searchers found the body of 55 year old Thomas Mark Stieg at the bottom of a cliff near Crab Creek where he was last seen Friday.
Foreman says there were no signs of foul play. An autopsy is planned to determine the exact cause of death.
The search for Steig included over a hundred volunteers and a US Air Force helicopter.
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Snow On the Way!

If Wenatchee sees snow, it'll top out at a maximum one inch and won't likely last long.  A winter storm is moving into Central Washington late Monday, bringing a mix of rain and possible snow through Tuesday.  National Weather Service meteorologists tell News Radio 560 KPQ if you are looking to travel by auto, Wednesday is expected to be dry once again.  

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Carlton Complex Fire Lawsuit Filed Against Washington State's Dept. Natural Resources

A lawsuit alleging Washington's Department of Natural Resources had no authority to tell landowners to STOP fighing several fires that became the Carlton Complex wildfire of 2014 seems likely to turn into a mass legal action. A trio of attorneys confirms to News Radio 560 KPQ the initial three residents filing the suit are likely to be joined by as many as 200 or more; turning the action into a "mass action" suit.

Attorney Darryl Cochran says many of the residents were fire-savvy firefighters and or smokejumpers trying to save their homes, but ordered off their own land. The suit could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and set new precedents in who can fight a fire and when.

Records indicate the 2014 Carlton Complex of wildfires cost the state of Washington in excess of 60 million dollars to fight, but more than 300 homes and/or other structures were additionally lost.

Attorney Alex Thomason tells us most of the home owners who lost everything were elderly and had no or insufficient insurance to replace anything. Cochran says the suit's essence alleges home and land owners who tried to fight initially smaller fires begun by lightning were told to stop fighting the fires, and in some cases, were ordered to stop fighting those fires on their own private land.



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Feds Approve Emergency Wolverine Wildfire Recovery Funds

314-thousand dollars has been approved by the federal government to fix life threatening hazards left by the Wolverine fire.  Carly Reed with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest says real time rain and water collection alert systems will feed directly to National Weather Service forecasters, who will issue flood warnings as needed,  Other projects as recommended by the state's BAER team will be a part of the wildfire fixes; the idea is to first address those issues that threaten human life.
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