Police-Involved Shooting at Albertsons

Thursday night, 911 received a call from the Albertson’s on North Miller about a man with a knife.


Captain Edgar Reinfeld said, “As the guy stayed on the line making the report, he reported that the man armed with a knife was headed towards Target and then back towards Albertsons and then toward the 911 caller, so the first officer arrived very shortly after that and came into contact with this armed, confrontational individual who was ultimately shot.”


Reinfeld said the suspect died at Central Washington Hospital. Police say they will release his identity after notifications are complete. They also are not releasing the name of the officer at this time per department procedure.


Reinfeld said, “These tense, rapidly evolving circumstances create some of the most dangerous events for law enforcement officers and for the public around these events when they get going. We’re not going to comment at all on what was done so far. We know right now it was a matter of a few seconds between contact and the suspect being shot.”


The incident is being investigated by the North Central Washington Special Investigations Unit comprised of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, East Wenatchee Police Department, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Wenatchee Police Department, and the Washington State Patrol.  Chelan County Sheriff’s Office will serve as lead agency.  The officer has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

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