Representative Joel Kretz Proposes New Water Regulations

House Republican Deputy Leader Joel Kretz of Wauconda has introduced a bill that he says would put all of Washington under the same water rights regulations in response to the controversial Hirst decision.

Under the One Washington Water Act, new single-family homes would be limited to 350 gallons of water a day. Multi-family dwellings could only use 150 gallons a day. If they want more, it would cost a dollar a gallon.

It also requires an environmental impact statement before a building permit is issued that would take into account impacts on instream flows, Pacific salmon and tribal treaty rights.

Kretz says Seattle-area Democratic lawmakers, backed by tribes and environmentalists, have blocked a Hirst fix. So he’s introduced legislation that would set new water standards for cities with more than 100-thousand residents.

The measure awaits a hearing in the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

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