State Rep Looking to De-List Gray Wolves

12013462 - gray wolf (canis lupus) in winter

Waucondan Representative Joel Kretz has introduced a bill in Olympia that would de-list the gray wolf as an endangered species along Eastern Washington counties that border Canada.

Kretz said he’s seen firsthand the damage wolves can do.

“We’ve got one rancher with upwards of 70 head losses this year. You can’t sustain that very long. I’m really concerned that we’ve got grazing season this spring and I’m afraid that we’ll have a lot of ranchers will be out of business this year if it goes like it has.”

Kretz noted that the federal government has de-listed gray wolves and there are 19 packs that have recovered and are growing in the state.

The bill has been sent to the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee.

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