Locomotive Park Gets a (Slightly) New Name

Locomotive Park in South Wenatchee will be getting a new name: Lions Locomotive Park.

And no, that does not mean a sudden influx of large feline predators into South Wenatchee.

Established in 1955, the 15-acre park has been receiving improvements from the Lions Club the last few years.

In a presentation to Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz and the rest of the City Council, The Wenatchee Lions Club stated they’ve already put tens of thousands of dollars into the park. When the service club decided to repaint the train, for example, just the paint cost $20,000.

Said Kuntz, “The service clubs have been great about taking on parks. Rotary has Rotary Park, the Kiwanians have Kiwanis-Methow Park, the other Kiwanians have Washington Park. A lot of our parks have been adopted by service clubs, which is great. The Lions Club wanted to take on Locomotive Park. It’s actually looking nice. The locomotive lit up during Christmas time is wonderful.”

And it won’t be the city that foots the bill for the new signage, according to Kuntz.

“The Lions Club will pay for that.” explained Kuntz, “We’ll help get a design and get it built and they’ll pay for it. No cost to the city; we’re gonna have to redo some programs and stuff but it’s again very minimal.”

Initially the park was to be renamed Lions Locomotive Park. But city officials decided to ask for public input for the new name, and after the public comment period the top two suggestions were Lions Locomotive Park and Locomotive Park. So the city stuck with Lions Locomotive Park.

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