59er Diner Re-Opens on Highway 2 West of Leavenworth

Photo: 59er Diner Facebook

The iconic 59er Diner re-opened their doors this week with a brand new building 15 miles west of Leavenworth. Owner Joe Canatta while he’s happy to be a little closer to whole and getting some cash flow going.

“The better thing is seeing everybody from the whole neighborhood, and the neighborhood extends all the way to Seattle. It’s pretty epic. There’s a lot of people walking in that just drove two hours to come to the 59er Diner for dinner and that’s just awesome.”

Canatta says there are a few more things they need to finish up before the big crowds start hitting the dinner in December, but offered enormous praise to his staff for their hard work and dedication to getting the restaurant up and running.

He noted that they wouldn’t be open without them.

“It’s like being back in the neighborhood. I felt like I wasn’t in the neighborhood and now I feel like I’m back in the neighborhood. That’s just really good. I think that because we’re opening in November, it’s a good time to open because it’s a nice soft opening.”

The 59er Diner was serving a limited menu from a food truck.

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  1. TORA SUE KNISELY | January 14, 2019 at 6:48 PM | Reply

    Looking forward to eating there again. Glad they chose to rebuild!

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