Applications for Stronger Schools Grant Now Open

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington has opened up applications for their third annual Stronger Schools Grant.

Director of Community Philanthropy Denise Sorom says the grant is focused on serving public schools in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties.

“They are to support any experience that might enhance a student’s learning in schools that would be above and beyond what the school can do with its public monies.”

The grant is available for a single teacher, a school or a full district and even parent-teacher or other non-profit groups that support public schools.

Sorom says they are looking for a specific criteria.

“We’re looking for interesting experiences, field trips, that might support curriculum that’s part of the common core or some kind of a hands-on project in the classroom that’s going to require materials that might go above and beyond what that teacher could pay for out of his or her budget.”

Sorom says they set aside around $70-75,000 for this and have a hard time finding enough projects to use all of it.

The deadline to apply is March 15th. For more go to

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