Banners Honoring Veterans Flying in Downtown Wenatchee

Visitors to Downtown Wenatchee will notice banners depicting area veterans throughout the month of November. It’s a project that Downtown Association Executive Director Linda Haglund brought from a national meeting.

“We honor our heroes here for their service to the country even if they’re comfortable or not with it, we honor them. The second thing is that November is our veterans month, our heroes month and so we’ll keep them up the whole month.”

There are 21 banners, but there is growth for up to 60 banners in the future.

Haglund says there will be a booklet in Friday’s paper that tells the stories of each of the veterans.

“What really prompted this were families that wanted to honor their family member. A family member reached out to Doug Button for example and said ‘you need to do this’ and so his wife Nancy Button encouraged him and we got his story and his banner. Anybody that had a local connection can apply.”

Haglund says that none of the honorees were comfortable telling their story or being called a hero.

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