Breakfast After The Bell program

Rep. Mike Steele (R) Chelan

An empty stomach does not contribute to good learning so Chelan area lawmaker Mike Steele wants to help low-income students through a partnership between local farmers and schools.

The “Breakfast After the Bell” bill was adopted Wednesday with wide bipartisan support. It calls on schools in areas with high poverty rates to continue offering breakfast during the first period of instruction. Steele’s amendment creating the partnership with the Washington State Department of Agriculture has received broad statewide support from within the agriculture community.  HB 1508 will now head to the Senate for a concurrent vote before reaching the governor’s desk for final approval.

12th District Reps. Steele and Cary Condotta will be regular guests at 7:15 followed by Senator Brad Hawkins at 8:15 every Friday morning this legislative session on NewsRadio 560KPQ

Rep. Mike Steele, R-12

Cary Condotta (R) Wenatchee

12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins



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