Cashmere Appoints Jim Fletcher Interim Mayor

Photo by Dylan Carder

The Cashmere City Council has chosen Jim Fletcher to take over for Jeff Gomes as Mayor. Fletcher was appointed interim mayor Monday night after Gomes resigned last week.

Fletcher will serve out the rest of Gomes term through the end of 2019. He says he as an eye on the future of the city.

“Cashmere is in a real good place now, but we have to start thinking about where will we be in a couple of years.”

As far as the present, Fletcher says the first thing that needs to be done is to fill a vacant administrative position at city hall.

“That’s a priority to get going because then that person does all the grants, all the contracts, all the things that need be done to keep the city running. So the mayor can be focused on those visions and looking at the future.”

Fletcher says he plans on running to keep the position when it comes up for election in 2019.

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