Cashmere and Leavenworth Parishes Merging

The Catholic parishes in Cashmere and Leavenworth will be merging and becoming one parish on April 1st. Monsignor Robert Siler says this has been discussed for some time, but really became a focus as both parishes were going to need new buildings.

“Perhaps it made sense to revisit that question again before both projects got deeply off the ground that wouldn’t it make sense for the two parishes to pool their resources.”

The two parishes will remain in separate buildings for now until a new building somewhere near the Dryden area can be built. Monsignor Siler says this fit their vision of what they saw as future of each parish.

“Slowly the two parishes will be combined into one and be working from one bank account, one pastoral council, one finance council; really trying to pull the two communities together to work as one.”

The new parish will be named Our Lady of the Assumption.

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