Chelan County Fire Danger Raised from Moderate to High

Photo: Chelan County Public Works

Chelan County is raising the fire danger from moderate to high. Public Works crews will soon be putting signs on county roads with the change. County Fire Marshal Bob Plumb says it was a consensus among many agencies.

“It restricts campfires to designated campgrounds and fire rings. And it restricts the offroad vehicle use which was in place before.”

There are also no outdoor fires or fireworks permitted.

Chelan County Public Works crews are update signs on county roads after the fire danger in the county has been raised to high. Plumb says it’s normal to raise the danger around this time of year.

“We have two more levels to go if things really get bad. Ideally we won’t have to go all the way to extreme. The next move would be to very high. I don’t anticipate that unless things dry out considerably more.”

Plumb says recent rains could help keep the fire danger down if they occur frequently enough.

More information is available on the Public Works website at

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