Clean the Snow off Your Car, or Pay the Price

With snow now becoming a more regular feature in weather forecasts, it’s important to remember that drivers have a responsibility to clean off their cars. Wenatchee Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld says it begins with cleaning all of your windows so that you can see through them.

“Obviously if you were in a collision and had an obstructed view, it’s definitely going to go against you for being at fault. It’s definitely going to add to the level of fault to you if you can’t actually see out of your car before you hit something or someone.”

Reinfeld says drivers are also responsible for all the snow on the car.

“It’s not usually a problem at low speeds. It will usually slough off gently, but when people reach highway speeds, that big cake of snow can come off in big chunks and if it’s got ice in it, it can actually do damage to following vehicles or cause collisions behind you that may or may not be a problem for you but could still be your fault.”

Reinfeld also stressed the importance of not trying to warm your car up and then leaving it running or it might get stolen. Obstructed views could be a basic infraction which are a $136 fine, but citations could go up to reckless or negligent driving which are much worse.

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