Coulee City Man Arrested for Stolen Vehicles

A Coulee City man was arrested Wednesday for stealing two vehicles near Wilbur.

Grant County Sheriff’s Kyle Foreman said they served a search warrant along with Lincoln County Sheriff’s, the Moses Lake Regional Tactical Response Team, and detectives from the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team.

“We found two stolen vehicles that he is in possession of, so he went to jail in Grant County this morning for possession of two stolen motor vehicles and possession of stolen property.

Foreman said it’s common to have such a large force serve a search warrant in stolen property situations because it is often associated with drugs which can sometimes turn violent.

“Mr. Brill’s property is known to be frequented by many people, some of them with ill repute and so we err on the side of safety to make sure that we all go home at the end of the incident.”

Foreman said they rely on cooperation with other agencies to insure the best outcomes for community

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