County Burn Bans Begin June 1st

Photo by Kevin Rounce

The annual ban on outdoor burning for Chelan and Douglas Counties goes into effect Friday, June 1 and will run through the end of September. Chelan County Fire District 1 Chief Mike Burnett says that means no more outdoor burning.

“There’s a reason why it’s in place. Seldom is it that someone intentionally sets the fire. It’s usually accidental and people just don’t understand how fast the fire can spread and get out of control.”

Burnett says it prevents outdoor burning in general though there can be some gray areas.

“There are so many different rules and regulations. Unfortunately it’s difficult for the typical citizen or resident to understand exactly which regulation they fall under and what applies and there’s different standards whether it’s an air quality burn ban, etc. Unfortunately it can get confusing.”

Burnett says if you have any questions contact your local fire district.

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