Donation Could Open 10+ Miles for Trails in Hay and Nahahum Canyons

Dave Masuda/

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has announced that more than 2,000 acres of land in Hay and Nahahum Canyons will be preserved and opened to the public. Executive Director Curt Soper says it will lead to 10-15 miles of trails.

“We need to raise the money and design and build the trailhead before we can deliver appropriate public access; a parking lot and a restroom and that kind of thing. But eventually it will mean the public will have access to wonderful new trails that they are not currently open to.”

It could take a year or two before the public will be able to enjoy the new trails.

Soper says the land was donated by “generous” landowners.

“I think that this has been a vision of the owners of this property for between 25-30 years. I think they have loved this place and taken good care of it and they want to share it with the public and that’s pretty unusual.”

Soper says the views from the property will be amazing.

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