Douglas County has Covered Their Operating Expenses, Holding Free Disposal Day

Douglas County has covered all of their operating costs for the year with July’s revenue. Commissioner Kyle Steinberg says they’ve been fiscally responsible and worked on adding new revenues.

“It means we don’t have to increase taxes on our residents and that’s a big deal to us. Everybody pays a lot of taxes already and we don’t want to have to increase that, so being financially responsible and working towards increasing revenues is one way you keep from doing that.”

Steinberg says they are also adding a Veterans Service Officer who will be working with area veterans on making sure they’re getting the help they need. They’re also installing a flag pole in the roundabout near the airport which will be dedicated to veterans.

The County is also holding a Free Disposal Day on Saturday, September 8th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the landfill for county residents who are not within city limits.¬†Steinberg says it’s about cleaning things up.

“Nobody likes looking at junk, aesthetically. There’s also health benefits to clearing out junk and debris around people’s households. Get rid of unwanted pests or rodents. We just want our county to be clean and this is a way that helps people, some that might not be able to afford it. Others might just not have the opportunity. We just want to give people the opportunity to help clean up the county.”

Anyone interested must first register at the Public Service Building on 19th before August 31st. Any questions, contact the Solid Waste Office at 509-886-0899.

Eligible items: Clean-up debris (tree limbs, leaves or pine needles), concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt, wood, construction material, plastic, tires, furniture.

Ineligible items: Glass clippings, liquids, dangerous or hazardous waste, asbestos, paint, appliances

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