Dr. Kim Schrier Holds Initial Lead Over Dino Rossi in 8th District

Dino Rossi (R), Dr Kim Schrier (D)

Dr. Kim Schrier leads Dino Rossi in the race for the U.S. House seat in the 8th Congressional District. Speaking at her rally last night, Schrier says she’s being patient.

“We need everyone of those ballots to be counted and while this may take longer than any of us really want, once every vote is counted we feel optimistic that we will have made history and put a Democrat as leading the 8th District in Congress for the first time ever.”

Speaking to his own election night rally, Rossi says there is only reason to run for elected office and that’s the serve your community, so he’s willing to wait.

“Right now it’s too early to call but obviously we are optimistic and we’ll see what happens. We worked hard, we all worked so hard. I slept really well last night because of the fact that I gave it everything I have.”

Rossi thanked his family, supporters and campaign staff for all their hard work.

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