East Wenatchee Roads and Budget Challenged by Winter

The rough winter can impact roads and travelers in many ways, but one that isn’t apparent until after the melt is all the potholes created.

East Wenatchee City Engineer Greg Pezoldt said, “We have some roads that require a lot of attention every year, but I think just in general we feel like maybe we did have more potholes, not like double or triple, but certainly more than what we would have in a normal year that we would expect.”

That damage was not limited to the city’s roads, but also potentially impacted the city’s road budget.

Pezoldt says things look okay, for now.

“I think our budget is still pretty good, although our budget goes from January 1st to December 31st. That encompasses half of two winters. So I think we made it through the winter of 2016-17 just fine but the winter of 2017-18 is a little undefined at this point.”

Pezoldt says they are mostly caught up on filling in the city’s potholes, but anyone can reach out to them through the city’s website if they see a pothole. Once the weather is more consistently nice, they will then begin sweeping, painting and other maintenance.

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