ECEAP Program Producing Results

The Washington State Department of Early Learning released the results of their Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, or ECEAP from last school year.

Communications Manager Stephanie Liden said for at-risk kids, it’s particularly beneficial.

“These kids are behind and then we find after a year that they’re either right where they should be at their age level or beyond.”

Kids are tested on their physical, language, cognitive, literacy, social and emotional development

ECEAP is a state-funded preschool that Liden said is generally targeted towards lower-income, at-risk children who might otherwise enter kindergarten behind their classmates.

“We’re finding that these children that wouldn’t regularly have this program are excelling and they’re doing better than their middle- or high-income counterparts when they get to kindergarten.”

Results showed that for kids who were in the program multiple years, the benefits were enhanced.

Parents can find out more information about the program at

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