Ecology Says it’s Time to Prepare for Smoke and Poor Air Quality

Multiple wildfires have hit North Central Washington already and soon stagnant air could create smokey or hazy skies. Washington State Department of Ecology Spokesperson Andrew Wineke says now’s the time to start checking air quality monitors for particulate levels.

“That’s the stuff that can lodge in your lungs and it can lead to serious health concerns. Especially people with asthma, breathing difficulties. Those are the people who really want to keep an eye on the air quality monitoring network and be able to protect themselves.”

Air level qualities range from good to very unhealthy for everyone.

Wineke says it’s important for people to be informed and ready should the air quality drop where they are or going.

“Stay inside, avoid strenuous activity if you’re among those sensitive groups. Keep an eye on where you’re headed to if you’re traveling around the state because the wildfires are going to be increasingly impacting certain areas of the state as we get into the summer.”

You can keep track of the current air quality numbers and impactful news on the Department of Ecology’s Smoke Information blog.

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