Eightmile Lake Dam Breach “Unlikely Now”

About 60 residents with concerns over the safety of Eightmile Lake Dam heard from Emergency Management and Irrigation District officials during a public meeting at the Leavenworth fire hall Monday evening. Our news partner iFiberOne reports property owners were told a catastrophic dam failure is unlikely right now, but heavy rains could cause concern.

Tony Jantzer, Manager of the Icicle Peshastin Irrigation District said a three stage safety plan is being implemented to lessen the emergency threat posed by the nearly 100 year old earthen and rock dam 15 miles southwest of Leavenworth in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  The earthen portion of the dam is more  vulnerable to erosion this year because the area surrounding the lake was scorched last summer in the Jack Creek Fire.  There is less vegetation and the barren soil can’t absorb as much moisture, leading to increased water volume flowing into Eightmile Lake

Up to 50 residents in the area have been encouraged to sign up for the Alertsense automatic notification system or through Chelan County’s facebook page and the Chelan County website.  Please check the Eight Mile Dam box under Notification Zones.

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