Evacuation Levels Removed for SR28 Fire Near Crescent Bar

A 50-acre fire sprung up off of SR 28 near Crescent Bar Tuesday night spreading quickly. John Glenn with Douglas County Fire District 2 says it likely started with a vehicle mishap.

“The wheel sheered completely off the axle and bounced off the road as he was heading from Quincy into East Wenatchee. [The driver] believes that his tire, because of that sheer point and the hot metal, caused the fire which I would not doubt.”

All evacuation notices have been lifted for Mansfield Road and Bureau of Land Management crews are checking the fire today.

Helicopter drops helped make quick work of the fire according to Glenn and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

“We walked [the fire] this morning and late last night just to check for hot spots. Everything is looking fine, we didn’t find anything.”

Glenn says with lighter winds, that will likely help in recovery though he would like the humidity to improve.

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