Flu Shot Season is Upon Us

The CDC is recommending getting your flu shot as early as possible, even though the flu season is not in full swing yet. UW Medicine’s Dr. John Lynch says they have already seen one case of influenza A which is the most dangerous type of flu virus.

“We had a pretty tough year last year. We’ve actually had a pretty rough few years in influenza outbreaks and so don’t wait, get it now. Your immunity as a healthy adult will take you through the season and protect while you’re traveling.”

Lynch says it’s especially important for mothers with babies who have very weak immune systems.

He also stressed the importance of herd immunity, or as many people as possible getting the flu shot.

“Influenza vaccine’s impact gets better the more people who get vaccinated. If we keep as many healthy people vaccinated, we’re going to prevent influenza from getting into the community.”

The vaccine takes about two weeks to kick in and pregnant women should get the flu shot too.

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