Gift Card Scams Prevalent After the Holiday Season


As we move on from the holidays into 2019, many have picked up a gift card or two over the last couple weeks.

More than ever websites are scamming consumers out of their gift card balances according to Tyler Russell at the Better Business Bureau. Many websites claim they will check your gift card’s balance but, ultimately, the scammers are cleaning out that gift card.

Russell explained that the best defense against these scammers is a proactive approach.

“Go to the retailer’s website if you need to check a gift card’s balance. Go to the site listed on the card itself. Use those gift cards right away; it’s a good way to avoid those scams.” said Russell, “Also, examine the gift card before buying. Before getting it as a gift, make sure the pin hasn’t been exposed or the packaging hasn’t been tampered with.”

Many consumers that have been burned by this gift card scam are not even aware that their card’s balance is gone until the card is used, possibly weeks or months later.


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