Grant County K9 Officer Edo Catches Teens

K9 Edo put an end to a pursuit in Desert Aire overnight by catching two of three juveniles who took vehicle without permission.

Deputy Tyson Voss and his partner Edo were sitting near the Desert Aire fire station about 1:20 this morning when they saw a vehicle run a stop sign at Thunderbird Way and Desert Aire Drive Southeast. Voss and Edo tried to stop the vehicle but the vehicle took off at speeds reaching over 50 miles per hours. The chase continued through Desert Aire, and the fleeing vehicle ran through a cable barrier and into a field near Airport Way and Wren Loop. The vehicle became high centered on a soil mound and the three vehicle occupants took off on foot.

Voss warned the three fleeing persons that Edo would be sent after them, and when the three people continued to run, Edo ran and caught two of the three, who turned out to be 13-year-old boys. The boys were taken into custody and treate d by EMTs for Edo’s contact. The two boys named the driver who got away, and were released to their parents. The vehicle had been taken by the son of the registered owner.

The three boys, all 13-years-old, face possible charges including taking a motor vehicle without permission, and the driver may face charges of attempt to elude.

The investigation continues.

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