Karina Vega-Villa Takes Oath of Office as Wenatchee School Board Member

Courtesy Diana Haglund

Karina Vega-Villa was sworn into office as a member of the Wenatchee School Board by Superior Court Judge Travis Brandt Tuesday night.

“It was really exciting.” said Vega-Villa, “It was especially important to have my family here. I’m a working mom, I have two kids in the school district, so it was really important to share that opportunity with them. I’m ready to get to know the other members of the board and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Sitting next to fellow board member Sarah Knox, Vega-Villa mainly listened most of the meeting as she acclimated herself to the new group.

Courtesy Diana Haglund

Vega-Villa is an adjunct biology instructor and program director for the Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program (MESA) at Wenatchee Valley College. She also serves as the community outreach liaison at Lewis and Clark Elementary. The Ecuadorian-American earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of Idaho and a Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Washington State University

“I’m especially interested in science and mathematics education. I’m a scientist by training so I want to make sure that all of the students have the skills that they would need to become scientists or mathematicians if that’s what they want to do. Most importantly [I want them to] continue to use that curiosity throughout their lives. So even if they decide not to go into the science or engineering paths, they will at least continue to ask questions. Because that will create informed citizens.”

Vega-Villa replaces Dr. Walter S. Newman, who resigned last November. Her seat will be up for election later this year.

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