Keith Goehner Outlines Session Work in Olympia

Rep. Keith Goehner, R-12

The legislative session in Olympia has been fast and furious with a lot of legislation being voted upon or dying in committee – next comes the debate and consideration of the state budget … Keith Goehner says, more will be revealed …


A new sex education bill is meeting both criticism and approval of the controversial measure … the bill would require all public schools in Washington to provide inclusive, mandatory sexual education by Sept. 1, 2020 … Representative Keith Goehner doesn’t think the state should:


With only 55 minutes set aside for public comments …. …. That’s Rep. Keith Goehner … he and Rep. Mike Steele, the 12th District Representatives will appear for a two-hour public session, Saturday, March 23rd beginning at 10 AM in Wenatchee Valley College’s Grove Recital Hall, at 1300 Fifth Street … The two will take questions and input from 12th District residents.

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