Law Enforcement Train on Use of Dogs on Boats and on ORVs

Photo: iFiberOne News

Multiple law enforcement agencies were in Moses Lake for training of K9 officers being hosted by the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. Grant County Deputy Kyle Foreman says it’s important to get the dogs comfortable on a variety of vehicles.

“The training involves getting the dogs comfortable and familiar with riding on an ORV such as a four-wheel drive side-by-side, and also being comfortable riding in a boat and in the water in case we have to deploy a dog into the water or us an ORV to get the dog out to an area that asks for a search.”

Foreman says they also got to learn about the use of drones with infrared that can detect suspects in a corn field which used to take hours.

“With forward looking infrared attached to a drone, we just cut that time down exponentially to just a few minutes now where that heat signature of the person hiding in the corn field will lead us right to where they’re hiding.”

This is the third such training the Grant County Sheriff’s Office has offered and was attended by Chelan, Yakima, and Spokane Counties, plus the city of Coeur d’ Alene.

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