Little Camas Fire Team Continues Draw Down

Photo: Inciweb

A Type 3 Incident Management Team will take control of fighting the Little Camas Fire Friday. Fire Information Officer Jeannie Klein says they are working on the transition while attacking the fire.

“There are some crews and engines out on the fire today working the Northeast corner. It’s pretty steep and nasty so it’s hard to get people in there safely. That’s one spot that has a line around it but there’s still been some heat in there but otherwise overall the fire is looking pretty good.”

Fire Behavior Analyst Steve Ziel said the number of smokes dropped significantly to the equivalent of fifty campfires.

Klein says they consider the fire 87 percent contained though it’s unclear whether or not the fire will be 100 percent contained today.

“We hope to, but we’re just not sure. There’s that steep spot in the far Northeast corner, so the containment, even though we do have a line around the fire, it may not be 100 percent today, but we’re working towards that. The Type 3 will continue to work towards that 100 percent.”

The Type 3 team is shadowing the crews fighting the fire today and will take control of efforts Friday morning at 6:00 a.m.

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