Little Camas Fire Will Shift to Type 3 Team This Week

Photo: Inciweb

The Little Camas Fire is 74 percent contained and crews are being released to help with other fires. Fire Information Officer Jeannie Klein says things are going very well.

“The fire is still all within the lines that we established. It hasn’t moved outside of those lines. There’s very little fire left on the ground, just a lot of pockets of heat and some larger tree stumps that are still burning but it’s all still within the perimeter.”

Klein says there is one spot they’re keeping an eye on hot spots and a helicopter is on call if needed due to the rugged terrain.

Things have shifted to mopup mode.

“Because it’s so steep up there, there’s normally standards to go in X number of feet to make sure that the fire is out but because it’s so steep we’re asking crews to go in as far as it is safe to make sure the the fire is completely out along those fire lines.”

Klein says a Type 3 team will come in on Friday as they continue to draw down. Some crews have already been released to other fires.

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