Manson School District Proposing Two Replacement Levies


Manson School District has two proposed levies on the February 12th ballot. Both are in response to an expiring levy.

Superintendent Matt Charlton said Proposition 1 is replacing an expiring levy that supported many educational programs throughout the Manson School District.

“It’s about 13% of our overall budget and supports everything from extracurricular programs to additional teachers and staff members, our food service program, maintenance and just a variety of other smaller items.” detailed Charlton, “Really critical funding to offer the type of instructional program that we want for students here in Manson.”

Proposition 2 also is replacing an expiring levy, although it is aimed at making substantial capital improvements to the school district.

“We’re going to add an early childhood center, hopefully with these funds, for our preschool program. We have some safety enhancements in this making our schools a little more safe, hardening some entrances, that type of thing.” explained Charlton, “We also have some maintenance that needs to be done, such as we have HVAC systems that are 20 years old that need to be replaced. And so (Proposition 2) is addressing those needs.”

However, Proposition 2 would actually come with a tax decrease as compared to the levy it would replace. The final year of the existing capital levy will tax property owners at a rate of $0.61 per $1,000 of property value. The proposed replacement capital levy would only tax landowners at a rate of $0.49 per $1,000.

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