Misawa, Japan, Our Sister City

Miss Veedol at Pangborn Airport

We have a sister city in Japan … the City of Misawa [mee-SAH-wah]. You have an opportunity to visit our sister city – but the deadline for the annual summer trip is Monday, February 25th …

LaVerne Bergstrom has visited Misawa twice … she encourages teens and college kids to go … the entourage from Misawa will be here to enjoy the Apple Blossom Festival and ride in the parade.

The reason we are the sister city of Misawa [mee-SAH-wah] dates back to 1931 when Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon took off from the Japanese city to be the first trans-Pacific flight …


Which required a belly landing on Fancher Heights … … to make plans to visit Misawa, fill out the online application and make your deposit, teenagers and college students are encouraged to join in on the annual visit … and the Apple Blossom parade needs more convertibles to provide transportation for our visiting friends from Misawa.


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