National Night Out Brings First Responders, Community Together

Photo: Washington State Patrol

The community gathered with various emergency services Tuesday night for National Night Out. Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown said it’s a celebration of the relationship law enforcement and the community.

“This year it’s 100-some odd degrees and a little bit smoky, but the turnout is still good. I think that’s an indicator that you have a lot of support from the community.”

East Wenatchee Police Chief Randy Harrison says it’s critical to build that relationship.

“The general them was and always will be that we need [the public’s] help, so let’s have this partnership where you give us a call if you see something suspicious or even hear something suspicious because if it looks suspicious to you, it’s probably going to look really suspicious to us.”

The night included K9 demonstrations, a Q&A with law enforcement and a celebration of the Chief for a Day participants, something Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett said was among his favorite parts of the night.

“I just love that because those tend to be really good memories for them and again there’s another side that the community gets to see.”

National Night Out happens every year on the first Tuesday of August all around the U.S.

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