Newhouse among GOP lawmakers urging “Dreamer” solution by year’s end

4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse (R)

Congressman Dan Newhouse was among three-dozen Republican lawmakers Tuesday who called on party leaders to help enact a permanent solution for “dreamers” by the end of the year, saying the issue has festered for too long, creating legal and economic uncertainty for young immigrants under DACA and the companies that employ them.

The 34 members of the House GOP caucus represent the largest bloc of Republicans to date to publicly voice support for a solution to one of the most emotionally charged elements of the years-long fight over immigration policy.

The Hill reported with 34 Republicans on board and all 193 Democrats demanding a solution in December, the idea of a DACA fix has majority support in the lower chamber.  No single bill has gained majority support and the GOP members say they want to avoid passing legislation that could ultimately be vetoed by Trump. Newhouse said “We don’t want to just pass legislation that would maybe be popular politically, we want to pass something that will be successful and get to the president’s desk and be signed”

Democrats prefer the Dream Act, a bill that’s been introduced in the House and Senate by bipartisan sponsors. That bill would give legalization and a path to citizenship to nearly 2 million so-called “Dreamers” — DACA recipients and other undocumented immigrants who arrived as children.

But Republicans who support a DACA fix, including Newhouse, have cast doubt that a “clean” Dream Act — one without border security provisions — would have much support in the Republican Conference, or would be signed by Trump if it cleared Congress.

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