Newhouse Floor Speech on Balanced Budget Amendment

4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse (R)

The House rejected an effort on Thursday to require a balanced federal budget.  Rep. Dan Newhouse  R-WA,  spoke on the House Floor in support of the amendment and said each American is now saddled with their own record share of a $22-trillion national debt.  He likened the country’s out of control spending to “a high speed train heading for a cliff ”

2 Comments on "Newhouse Floor Speech on Balanced Budget Amendment"

  1. Emily Sisson | April 14, 2018 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    Spending is not out of control. The recently enacted tax “reform” law is what has caused the deficit to expand so quickly, and Rep. Newhouse voted for that law. The ballooning of the deficit was predicted before the vote, and those predictions have proved to be true. If Congress, and especially the Republican Party, is actually concerned about the deficit, it would repeal the tax cut.

  2. The tax cut is part of a cynical plan to create an emergency necessitating spending cuts on budget items that Republicans don’t like, i.e. everything but defense, local pork, and benefits for their capitalist cronies.

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