Newhouse Optimistic on Majority, Supports Dino Rossi

Representative Newhouse hears concerns from local business owners

Fourth district representative Dan Newhouse recently gave his thoughts on a number of issues regarding the upcoming election.

The Republican Congressman from Sunnyside was first asked about his feelings on the retirement of eighth district Republican Dave Reichert.

“I hate to see that happen but Dave’s retiring and good for him. I think he’s going to spend some time with his grandkids and enjoy that. I’ve appreciated having him as a partner to work with.”

Reichert’s open seat has created a hotly contested and nationally scrutinized race between Democratic nominee Kim Schrier and Republican hopeful Dino Rossi. In a race that could be so impactful on the national scale that it’s been getting international media attention, Newhouse made it clear he’d be supporting a fellow Republican.

“I have come out in favor of Mr. Rossi.” said Newhouse,  “I’ve worked with Dino in the past when he was in the state legislature at the same time I was, so I’ve gotten to know him really well and I think he’d be a great member of Congress.”

Rossi and Schrier will debate for the first and only time this Wednesday at 7:00 pm from McConnell Hall on the Central Washington University campus. The debate can also be heard live on KPQ or

Newhouse was next asked about his feelings on the mid-term elections as a whole, as control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate will be on the line.

“There’s a lot of information out there … we’ll know November 7th where the majority will lie. Certainly there’s advantages to being in the majority and I think there’s a good opportunity for [Republicans], and a reasonable chance we’ll maintain the majority.”

If the primaries are any indication, Newhouse is heavily favored to maintain his fourth district seat in the House of Representatives over challenger Christine Brown. Should Newhouse win, yet his party lose their majority in Congress, the fourth district Republican remains confident he can work with Democrats.

“I’ve always been one that can work with both sides. I got started in government in the state legislature in Washington. I was always in the minority as a Republican and learned that I had to work with the majority party. I think that I can be just as effective no matter who’s in control in Washington D.C.”

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