Quincy Walking Audit Seeking Volunteers

The Grant County Health District is looking for volunteers to help them Wednesday afternoon perform a walking audit around Quincy-area elementary schools. Health Educator Amanda Rosales says they want to look out for potential safety hazards.

“The hazards could be cracks in the sidewalk, maybe there is no crosswalks or stop signs, loose dogs, anything like that. They will mark it on the map and then I will collect them at the end of the walkabout.”

Rosales will then analyze the data and use the conclusions to apply for grant funding that can help provide safer routes to schools.

Anyone can volunteer and will include parents, kids and community members according to Rosales.

“We are actually going to use these to look at how can we improve the walking routes and Safe Routes to School funding is actually available this year and applications are due at the end of April.”

To RSVP and for more info, contact Amanda Rosales at arosales@granthealth.org or 509-766-7960 ext. 22.

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