Saturday’s ‘Pageant Day’ a Big Moment for Apple Blossom Royalty Candidates

Photo: Apple Blossom Festival

It’s ‘Pageant Day’ Saturday for the Apple Blossom Festival Top 10 Royalty Candidates.

Festival Administrator Darci Christoferson said the candidates are more excited than nervous at this point.

“They’ve been top 10 for three weeks so they’ve had all kinds of coaching to get them ready for pageant day and night.” explained Christoferson, “They’ve had ediquite sessions, eating lessons, speech lessons, makeup lessons, how to walk, how to talk into a microphone. So they’ve had all this training and the last two days we’ve done strictly rehearsals for pageant night. So usually by now they’re ready. They’re anxious to get on with the next phase of their life, really.”

Christoferson said five out of town judges will be conducting panel interviews Saturday morning, which will count for 25% of the vote.

“Then in the afternoon they will do their one on one judging and that’s when each candidate will meet with each judge individually for 10 minutes and that counts as 25% of the vote.” stated Christoferson, “Finally we go into pageant night and that’s the 50% of the vote.”

The Apple Blossom Festival is celebrating it’s 100th year this spring.

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