Simple Traffic Stop Puts Man Behind Bars for Drugs

Photo courtesy of WSP shows items seized in traffic stop near Thorp

Additional training is being credited for the arrest of a man who had several outstanding warrants more than $2,000 in drugs, paraphernalia and cash on Monday.

Trooper Brian Moore said it all started with a simple traffic stop on I-90 near Thorp.

“Trooper Pilkington who’s received advanced training through our Serious Highway Crime Apprehension Team requested the assistance of State Patrol Narcotics K-9 Trooper Woodside and his Brakken. They arrived on scene, subsequently got consent to search the vehicle and located one ounce of methamphetamine and one ounce of gun power brown heroin.”

Moore says that sometimes a simple traffic stop can reveal a far more serious situation.

“These are special troopers that have been trained to proactively look for serious crimes along the highways and interstates and they do this through proactive traffic law enfocement.”

The driver has been booked into Kittitas County Jail.

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