Stemilt Growers Grand Parade at Core of Apple Blossom Festival

Chairs line Orondo Avenue as the excitement for the Stemilt Growers Grand Parade grows in anticipation of Saturday. Apple Blossom Festival’s Darci Christofferson says the whole event goes back to 1920.

Christofferson says they get several calls on where people can drive or park and she says this year all that information is on their Apple Blossom mobile app, so download it through the Google Play of Apple App Store.

The weather forecasts look good for Saturday’s Stemilt Growers Grand Parade which excites Christofferson. She also says that the parade is like a family reunion.

Christofferson also recommends that for people who are not going to watch the parade use Western. You can get where you need to and avoid, for the most part, the large crowds that are associated with the all the events on Saturday.

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