U.S. Forest Service Crews Working on Opening Campgrounds and Trails

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U.S. Forest Service seasonal crews are out working on campgrounds and trails to get ready for the busy summer season. Robin DeMario says there has been a lot of inquiries about the work on clearing the Enchantments.

“The Eight-Mile Road leading to this area is now open, but be aware that there’s still lots of snow at Colchuck and Stewart Lakes and both are still frozen. We’re encouraging folks who have good mountaineering skills, those folks are the ones who can go up there right now. Hold off if you aren’t as skilled and wait until snow has melted off and things are a little bit easier.”

Eight-mile Lake is mostly snow free.

DeMario says all Icicle Valley campgrounds up from Leavenworth are now open and charging fees.

“If you’re planning on doing some rock climbing in the Tumwater Canyon, be aware that a couple of the climbing routes are closed while raptors are nesting in those areas. The Midnight and Noon-Time rock and vicinity in Tumwater Canyon are annually closed to entry through July 31st.”

If you want updated information on campgrounds or trails, contact your local ranger station.

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